Corte Malgiacca

We have been employing biodynamic principles since 2005 to ensure the wine reflects the true characteristics of our terrain. We use traditional wine making methods in our cellar using a mix of stainless steel and french oak. Predominantly red wine is made, IGT Toscana Rosso, which is a blend of Lucchesi grapes such as Canaiolo and Ciliego with the addition, since 2011 of Syrah and Sangiovese from a vineyard we planted in 2007. Our wine has been improving with each vintage and we plan to make our first pure Syrah/Sangiovese blend with the grapes harvested in October 2013. The current vintage we have for sale in the UK is IGT Toscana Rosso 2011.

The mild climate and reliable sunshine contribute to the production of fruity and clean wine with intense fragrances.

Corte Malgiacca - Wine Corte Malgiacca - Wine Corte Malgiacca - Wine

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